CREATIVE-MUSEUM is based on a remarkable collection but also on a solid documentation: more than 150 books, rare and in various languages, including Chinese, Japanese or Korean. 

These books deal directly with the topic (which is quite rare), or in quite close relation: for instance the material (shell, jade or ivory), science and technology (history of plastics), history (Manchu aristocrats in China), or the meaning of symbols that are seen regularly on hair ornaments, in fact the entire history of cultures in general. 

No-one can  «interpret » an artefact if he does not have a minimum knowledge. 

We learn this as we go along. 

Here is a small selection:


The comb. Its History and Development, Jen Cruse 

Robert Hale, London 2007

ISBN: 978-0-7090-8137-1

This book is a «bible» that you must get for a comprehensive overview of this topic.

Antique Combs and Purses, Evelyn Haertig 

Gallery Graphics Press

ISBN: 0-943294-002 

An additional reference book.

Collector's guide to Hair Combs identification and value, Marie Bachman. 

Collector Books 1998

ISBN: 1-57432-048-3

Combs and Hair accessories, Norma Hague

Antique pocket guides (Cambridge)1985 

UK ISBN: 0-7188-2593-4 / US ISBN: 0-911403-11-6

Okazaki Collection : Combs and Ornamental HairpinsShikosha

Kyoto, Japan

ISBN: 4-87940-505-1

Viking Age combs, comb making and comb makers in the light of finds from Birka and Ribe, Kristina Ambrosiani,

Stockholm studies in archaeology

ISBN: 91-7146-150-7

An art collection of combs (Combs designed by artists) Marzee / Kammen 

The Netherlands

ISBN: 90 7312401 8

Lea Stein Jewelry, Judith Just 

(with price Guide) Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

ISBN: 0.7643.1381.9

Combs from around the world

POLA Research Institute of beauty and Culture 1996

ISBN: 4-938547-33-3

Tiara, Diana Scarisbrick 

Chronicle books

ISBN: 0-8118-2717-8

Tiaras, Past and Present, Geoffrey Munn

V & A Publications

ISBN : 1-85177-359-2

Cut-Steel and Berlin Iron Jewellery, Anne Clifford.

1971- A.S. Barnes and Company.  

ISBN: 0-498-07907-4

Hair in African Art and Culture

The Museum for African Art – Prestel 

ISBN: 0-945802-26-9


Le Peigne dans le Monde, Robert Bollé

Hoëbeke. 2004 

ISBN: 2-84230-220-6

Even if you don't read French, this is an essential book in which you can find all the main information on the subject. Beautiful illustrations on worldwide ornaments.

Parures de tête / Hairstyles & headresses - Musée Dapper

Catalogue d'exposition 2003.

All about the African continent. Bilingual Edition

ISBN: 2.906067.95.4 

Chine et Japon à Fleur de Tête /Chinese and Japanse Hair Ornaments, Catherine Olliveaud

Catalogue d'exposition 2005.

Centre Départemental de Documentation Pédagogique de la Charente

A comparison between Chinese and Japanese hair ornaments. Bilingual edition

ISBN: 2-903 770-47-6

Les vies du cheveu, M-C. Auzou et S. Melchior-Bonnet.

Gallimard 2001. 

ISBN: 2-07-076123-1

Everything you need to know about hair on almost all levels (physiological, symbolic, religious, etc)

Bijoux de tête Chaumet, de 1804 à nos jours, Diana Scarisbrick

Editions Assouline

ISBN: 2-84323-329-1

Parures de tête ethniques d'Afrique, Océanie et Amérique de la collection Ghysels, Anne Van Custem.


ISBN: 88.7624.282.1

Dictionnaire des symboles, Jean Chevalier, Alain Gheerbrant

Robert Laffont / Jupiter 

ISBN: 978-2-221-08716-9


El peineton. Eduardo Gudino Kieffer

Ediciones de Arte Gaglianone. 1986- Buenos Aires

ISBN: 950-9004-75-8 

All about nineteenth century combs, Masculino style.


Pettini Ornamentali /Ornamental Hair-combs. Marialuisa Domeniconi 

BE-MA Editrice Milano 1992

Bilingual edition: Italian/ English 

ISBN: 88-7143-124-3


Combs from around the world.

POLA Research Institute of beauty and Culture 1996

ISBN: 4-938547-33-3

LE PEIGNE, by Robert Bollé
THE COMB, by Jen Cruse
Bijoux des deux empires, Claudette Joallis
Bijoux de tête Chaumet, Diana Scarisbrick
Combs and Hair accessories, Norma Hague
Okazaki Collection : Combs and Ornamental Hairpins
Combs from around the world
Antique Combs and Purses, Evelyn Haertig
Cut-Steel and Berlin Iron Jewellery, Anne Clifford
Dictionnaire des symboles, Jean Chevalier, Alain Gheerbrant
El peineton, E. G. Kieffer
Hair Combs, Marie Bachman
Hair in African Art and Culture
Histoire de la Coiffure et des Coiffeurs, Paul Gerbod
L'écaille, de Caunes/Morabito
Les plastiques, Sylvia Katz
Les vies du cheveu, Auzou/M.-Bonnet
Parures de tête, Hairstyles and headdresses
Parures de tête ethniques, A. Van Custem
Pettini Ornamentali, Marialuisa Domeniconi
Tiara, Diana Scarisbrick
Tiaras, Past and Present, Geoffrey Munn
Viking Age combs, Kristina Ambrosiani
Chine et Japon, Catherine Olliveaud
Lea Stein Jewelry, Judith Just
An art collection of combs, Marzee/Kammen