CREATIVE MUSEUMa private collection remarkable for its quality, beauty and rarity.

It brings together more than 2,000 head ornaments.

This heritage (from around the world) covers many eras, styles and cultures. It is essentially composed of hair combs, but also extends to pins, barrettes, headbands, crowns, tiaras and diadems. It specializes in everything to do with hair adornments.

These items, usually very rarely studied or collected, are bursting with information of all kinds: ethnological, sociological, technological, artistic… They have been on display previously in exhibitions and they always aroused surprise, admiration and interest. But this is not enough. The best way to reveal this collection is surely via a website.

CREATIVE MUSEUM: a totally virtual museum

Since our collection is in private hands, the very best way to make it available to everyone worldwide is to view it on a website. As we, (the owners) want to share its resources with everyone, CREATIVE MUSEUM will do its best to offer all the services you can find in a museum; a temporary exhibition with a special theme, a view of the permanent collection, background information and more -- expertise.

We are constantly on the hunt for new combs to purchase.  As we have a limited budget, we are very appreciative of receiving donations from our enthusiastic audience. So, please check back to our website often to see our newest hair ornaments and news. Access is free!

You can even subscribe to FEEDS. (See address bar on our homepage)

Our site offers new opportunities to feed your inspiration and your creativity.

Whether you are an art lover or a researcher, a student of ethnology or graphic arts, a fashion or jewelry designer, come on into our site to find out what peoples from around the world and from different periods of history have to reveal about themselves.

You will improve your artistic, cultural, sociological and technical knowledge.

Enjoy your visit!