A large overview of world cultures 

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European cultures

  • Ancient Roman civilization
  • Europe (Western, Eastern and Northern Europe, Scandinavia)

American, Hispanic, Amerindian cultures

  • United States
  • Mexico and South America
  • Native and ethnic populations: The Wai-Wai Indians of Brazil, Navajo, Cheyenne, Inuit, Neg'Marrons from Surinam

Eastern and Middle Eastern cultures

  • Iran, Afghanistan, etc.
  • India, Indonesia, Philippines
  • China (Han people and ethnic minorities)
  • Southern Asia
  • Japan

African cultures (more than 30 different ethnic groups, from north to south)

  • Maghreb, Sahel
  • Western Africa
  • East and South Africa

Oceanic cultures

  • Australia
  • Melanesia
  • The Pacific Islands
Scandinavia, 1900
Spain, 1980
France, 1910
American-Indian, South America. 19th c.
Inuit, U.S.A. Early 20th c.
Indian, Guyana. 1980
India. Mid. 20th c.
China, Late Qing dynasty
Japan. Meiji era.
Berber, North Africa. Circa 1980
Africa, 1980
Abelam, Oceania. Early 20th c.