Proving that almost any object can become a resource for creativity (starting with such an utilitarian, functional and banal object like a hair comb), designers saw the opportunity to transform this everyday object into a highly varied, creative and visually lush art form.

Here is the list of all the materials to be found in this collection:

For the decoration: additions of pearls, glass beads, paste stones, coral, jade, gemstones, feathers, lace, enamel, silver filigree, engraving, painting…

Coconut, Samoa, 2000
Cinnabar (mineral) China, early 20th c.
Silver, U.K. 1850
Aluminium, USA, late 19th c.
Mother-of-pearl, U.K. circa 1850
Feathers. USA, circa 1930
Celluloid, USA, 1920-30
Plastic, France, 1970
Paste stones. France 1930
Lace. Switzerland, 1910