They cover several centuries of art history.

Head ornaments are personal and fragile. They have often not survived the vicissitudes of time.

A few pieces, however, have been saved and are now in museum storerooms. Others can be found today thanks to excavations: this is the case for items from Ancient Rome and Ancient China. You will find some Roman antiques, Chinese ornaments and even a pre-colombian piece in the Museum.

The bulk of the CREATIVE MUSEUM collection covers about three centuries: from the late 1700s until today.

The Empire and Victorian styles are widely represented alongside the more recent Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. World War II tolled the death knell of the golden age of the comb, and Modernist ornaments are now fairly scarce.

We are constantly on the look out for contemporary versions of the hair comb and are delighted each time we find one. Each new discovery makes manifest that imagination and creativity still flourish and remain an inseparable, immutable and perpetual part of the human condition.

While visiting the Museum, you will dive into Asian culture with an impressive number of pieces (about 600) from India, Indonesia, China and ethnic minorities, Korea and Japan.

With all our African haircombs featuring statues, you will also discover the different styles of African people, from the Senufo tribe of Ivory Coast to the Akan group of Ghana or Tchokwe of DR Congo and Angola. We have few pieces from Oceania, but interesting ones nevertheless.

We know that 'globalization' is leveling all cultures and stealing from them their unique and individual traditions. As an unfortunate consequence, 'culture' has become weakened and monolithic. So this website serves to preserve these remarkable arts and make them better known to all.

Antique Roman silver hairpin
Ancient China, bronze.
Pre-colombian comb. Chimu culture.
Empire style, lapis-lazuli, vermeil. France, 1800
Joséphine comb, horn and jet. France, 1830-50
Victorian comb, tortoiseshell. U.K., 1880
Art Nouveau, horn. France, 1900
Art Deco, celluloid. USA, 1925-30
Contemporary, silver. USA, 1990
Lampung, Sumatra. Mid. 20th c.
Senufo, Ivory Coast, 1960
Asmat, Oceania, 1970-80