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objet Art Nouveau comb, fuchsia design (2) Nice example of the late French Art Nouveau period. Note how symetrically the three fuchsia flowers are designed, like the first fruits of Art Deco style. The teeth were probably cut to fit to a special hairstyle.
exposition FROM ART NOUVEAU TO ART DECO, 1st part
exposition FROM ART NOUVEAU TO ART DECO, 2nd part
objet French Art Nouveau comb with peacocks (2) Beautiful French Art Nouveau comb depicting two stylised peacocks. Carved clear horn enhanced with blue and red accents of painting. Could have been made by Gustave Angst from Ezy-sur-Eure factories. .
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objet Art Nouveau comb signed Auguste Bonaz (3) Made c. 1910-20 in Oyonnax, five medallions of painted leaves and pastestones rest in the middle of a curved frame. The medallions are held in place by vertical lines. This Art Nouveau motif is designed by Auguste Bonaz with Art Deco lines.
objet Celluloid Art Nouveau comb, dragon motif (2) Made in Oyonnax, France, from an ink design, this comb with two dragons is interesting. Celluloid combs were at that time more affordable than hand-painted horn combs.
objet Painted horn Art Nouveau comb (2) Painted horn comb in the traditional French Art Nouveau style, in vogue in the 1900s.
objet Art Nouveau comb, Morning Glory motif Art Nouveau comb carved with a painted Morning Glory flower and its buds.
objet French Art Nouveau comb (2) Typical French Art Nouveau comb decorated with pearly pink flowers painted on horn.