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exposition FROM ART NOUVEAU TO ART DECO, 1st part
exposition FROM ART NOUVEAU TO ART DECO, 2nd part
objet Murrle Bennett & Co hair comb Tortoiseshell back comb with a gold decoration embellished with a light green gemstone. Hallmarked Murrle Bennett and Company.
objet Murrle & Bennett hair comb (2) Tortoiseshell back or side comb, decorated with a gold festoon in a very reasonable Art Nouveau style. The metal is hallmarked with the Murrle & Bennett and Co logo. This English firm was famous at the turn of the 20th c.
objet Arthur Krupp silver hairpin (2) Silver hairstick, clover motif in the Art Nouveau Style. Signed Arthur Krupp, a silversmith working in Berndorf, Austria, since 1879. Hallmarked on the back.
objet Art Nouveau comb signed L. Roulé (4) Art Nouveau comb from the French designer L. Roulé. Painted horn flower overpassing the frame.
objet Art Nouveau horn comb, sparrow motif (2) Lovely design, Lalique style. Two sparrows are fighting to get red berries. Beautiful transparency of clear horn. Signed Albert Vigan, Art Nouveau jeweller kown in Paris in the 1900's.
objet French Art Nouveau comb Art Nouveau celluloid comb painted with a typical motif of flower and dragonfly. Nice transparency and vivid colours.
objet French Art Nouveau comb with peacocks (2) Beautiful French Art Nouveau comb depicting two stylised peacocks. Carved clear horn enhanced with blue and red accents of painting. Could have been made by Gustave Angst from Ezy-sur-Eure factories. .
objet Art Nouveau comb, fuchsia design (2) Nice example of the late French Art Nouveau period. Note how symetrically the three fuchsia flowers are designed, like the first fruits of Art Deco style. The teeth were probably cut to fit to a special hairstyle.